American Kidney Fund - Kidney Month
If AB 290 becomes law, it will rip away a vital safety net by forcing the nonprofit American Kidney Fund to stop helping Californians in financial need stay insured.

The California legislature has no Plan B for the thousands of low-income, mostly minority dialysis and transplant patients that AKF helps. Many will lose their insurance coverage.
If this bill passes, our patients will have to make tough choices between paying for their health insurance and paying for rent and food. They will have nowhere else to turn for help.
Without AKF’s charitable assistance, they will face crushing medical bills. Many will have no choice but to go without health coverage altogether and use emergency rooms for treatment.
All patients who receive support from AKF—including those on Medicare—will equally be harmed when AKF is no longer able to assist them.
This is not right and it puts lives at risk. 
Californians need AKF. Please urge your California State Senators to vote NO on AB 290!
La Tisha Reed
Dialysis patient in Ladera Heights
"“It kind of makes you feel like there’s no reason to live when you see a breakdown of all the costs of treatment. Without AKF, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I wouldn’t be able to try to go forward with my life.”
Betsy Landos
Dialysis patient in Burbank
“I never imagined this could happen to me. It could happen to anyone. I’m grateful for an organization that cares and has been able to help financially. Life has been difficult enough with kidney failure. AKF’s help has been tremendous!”
Some of California’s most vulnerable patients are at risk of losing their health coverage and key protections as critical legislation (AB 290) moves through the California Legislature. Protect kidney patients in California by contacting your Senator.
Noel De la Fuente
Dialysis patient in Rancho Cordova
“I would not be alive if it weren't for the American Kidney Fund. They are truly helping me, and also my entire family. I don't know why California is doing this.”
Russell Desmond
Dialysis patient in Sacramento
"Honestly, I shudder to think what would happen to me without the American Kidney Fund. I would probably end up  homeless because my Social Security doesn’t come close to paying my health costs."
AB 290 puts patients in the middle of disputes between insurers and dialysis providers, and the SEIU labor union and dialysis providers. We think it’s indefensible that the union and the health insurers are using patients as pawns, threatening patients’ insurance coverage as a tactic to win other battles.
Dawne Ripley
Dialysis patient in North Highlands
“I just really hope that they don't take one more thing away from people who are already struggling. I can't imagine how they would be able to hang on without this help. It seems like the government is taking more and more help away from people who truly need this to survive day to day."
Bernard Zachary
Dialysis patient in Modesto
"AKF has helped a great deal. It would be a shame for the legislature to take that away from the people who need it. AKF has been doing this for so long and is doing a good job. Patients need this to survive."
AB 290 conflicts with longstanding federal requirements that ensure the integrity of our Health Insurance Premeium Program (HIPP). Disclosure provisions in AB 290 will quickly force AKF to stop helping dialysis and transplant patients in California.
Dan Spolarich
Dialysis patient in Sacramento
“I spend 5 hours a day receiving dialysis. It’s very time intensive, and it’s a grind, but it’s where I'm at. If I don't do it, I will die, and I can’t afford treatment on my own without the American Kidney Fund’s help.”
“We have been receiving assistance from American Kidney Fund, AKF, since 2013. AKF has truly been a godsend for us and our family. Please help all of us that rely on the charity of others.”
– Paul, Montclair
“Without [AKF’s] help, many of us would have fewer days left, and more of us would end up in the dark and lonely life on the streets.”
– Mardel, Sacramento
Kidney disease has totally devastated my life. Only have Social Security to live on. Without [AKF’s HIPP program] I would not be able to make it.”
– Mona, Sacramento
“I have been on dialysis since March 2016, and I am grateful for the financial help from AKF. It’s been a struggle for myself and family members. Thank you very much.”
– Manuel, Fontana
“I have been on dialysis for 10 years and without the support of the American Kidney Fund, I probably would have died! We need their help and so do other people on dialysis.”
– Noel, Rancho Cordova